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Prototype Railroads of the Northeast Kingdom

My layout is prototype based and features St. Johnsbury yard in Vermont and the connecting rail lines that operated in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire.

I have devoted a web page to each railroad I am modeling on the layout, providing information relevant to the time period I am modeling as well as some information about how I am incorporating each railroad into my layout. Each page features prototype pictures as well as some layout and model pictures.

These railroad prototype pages are a good place to start to get yourself acquainted with what my layout is intending to depict. After visiting each of the railroad pages below, move onto my
Layout page for more information about the layout itself and how I am making progress towards my goal of realistic operations in a realistic setting.

Click on the links below to learn more about each prototype railroad:
I also have some pages for some specific prototype locations that will be depicted on my layout. I will attempt to capture the look and feel of these areas while scaling down the overall scenes to fit my available space.

Click on the links below to check out the prototype areas I will be modeling on the layout:
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